We are entirely self-funded as a group. We receive the necessary supplies to remain operational after we use equipment at incidents but anything beyond that relies on our fundraising ability.


Our vision moving forward is to expand the capability of our group, enabling us to bring greater care to our patients and more availability.

What are we fundraising for?

Additional response kits

Enabling us to expand the size of our group by recruiting more members and also provide more cover week by week by having multiple available responders at any one time.

New equipment

Newer defibrillators, advanced training equipment and new communication and GPS devices are amongst the technology we would like to purchase. These all help us excel in the delivery of patient care.

Public services

With the funds raised we can purchase and install Public Access Defibrillators (PAD's) to benefit the community. We will also be attending local events along with running our regular awareness sessions.

How to donate



Donate through our Just Giving page, safe, secure and easy. All the funds go to our group, and you can donate any amount you wish, as often as you wish.


By post

You can take part in a fundraising event and help us raise money that way.


Ideas can range from running a marathon to shaving all your hair off, plus some less extreme options like a dress down day at work. Whatever it is, you can use it to raise funds towards our group and keep our scheme running.


For more ideas, see the fundraising page on the charity website and download all the necessary forms to keep it legal!


Don't forget to drop us a message when you sign up so we can publicly promote your event on our social media.

By fundraising


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