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Anne, Team Co-ordinator and Enhanced Responder

Will, Assistant Team Co-ordinator and Enhanced Responder

Mike, Community Responder

John, Community Responder

Tracy, Community Responder

Neil, Community Responder

Anne is our Team Co-ordinator, a qualified nursery nurse, full time carer and Woodley resident of 30 years. She is responsible for the day to day running of the group, organising team meetings and assists with any internal or external issues. Anne joined the group in 2012 and usually responds on weekdays. When not running the group, Anne enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

Will is the Assistant Team Co-ordinator and after joining in 2013 now works full time for the ambulance service. Responsibilities involve assisting Anne with the day to day running of the group, training, networking with the local community and also being the voice behind our Facebook and Twitter pages. When not responding, Will enjoys spending time with his family and exploring the English countryside.

Mike is a community responder and joined the team in 2013. After retiring from 30 years in the London Fire Brigade, Mike moved to Woodley and now responds for our group. Mike is also trained to respond on the marked car in Reading and often does a shift around town. When not responding, Mike spends time in Spain, where he has a holiday home.

John joined our team in 2017 after being inspired by completing a ‘Heart Start’ CPR course locally. With a career background of project management within a variety of industries, John brings a wealth of experience to the team and has an interest in helping the community. In his spare time, he enjoys riding his bike around the countryside and relaxing by the river.

Tracy is a community responder and joined our group in 2015. As a qualified Level 3 Early Years Practitioner, Registered Child minder and special education needs teaching assistant, Tracy is especially skilled in working with children which comes in beneficial when responding. In her free time, she enjoys keeping fit by power walking. Tracy is also very pro-active in fundraising for our team.

Neil joined us as a community responder in 2016 after moving to the Woodley area and balances responding with his day job as a sales manager. Neil's passion and personality means he can provide a reassuring and thorough response to all his patients. When not working, he enjoys spending time with his friends and family or plays a round of golf.

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Calls attended in 2015/16


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Calls attended in 2015/16


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Calls attended in 2015/16


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Calls attended in 2015/16

4 *

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Calls attended in 2015/16


(*) Tracy had unfortunately been unable to respond for a long time during 2016

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Jamie, Community Responder

Jamie has been a community responder since January 2017, transferring to the Woodley group later in the year from a neighbouring team. Jamie has recently embarked on a full time career with the ambulance service also works crewing passenger boats – to unwind from everything he enjoys playing the drums.

Calls attended in 2015/16


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Vacancy, Community Responder

Due to the relocation of some members of our team, we have space for further responders to join our forward-thinking and dynamic group.


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