There are certain call categories we attend. Primarily, our focus is on life threatening calls, such as cardiac and respiratory arrests, although thankfully these make up only a small percentage of the usual jobs we attend.


The other incidents we go vary but include; unconscious patients, chest pain, difficulty in breathing, strokes, convulsions, fractured and broken bones, bleeding and falls.


what we do

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As we receive minimal funding from the NHS budget, we rely strongly on fundraising and we are supported in this by the South Central Ambulance Charity.


The charity has three main goals;


To train and equip volunteer response teams

To fund public defibrillators and train communities

To develop and enhance our clinical skills as a trust


The support we receive, through regional advertising and promotion, allows us to build on a strong and trusted base when fundraising ourselves.


The South Central Ambulance Charity also has an appeal to raise £1million before Christmas 2019 to invest back into the community and the teams supported by the charity on a daily basis.


More information can be found on the website -



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We are a team of volunteers. We all have everyday lives and jobs. The only difference being we dedicate any spare time we have to being 'on call' with the Ambulance Service.


We have all undertaken training, provided by SCAS, to provide us with the essential skills and knowledge. As well as this, we are required to attend regular update training, to ensure we remain competent and to develop our skills.

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