Every incident we attend requires different equipment to be used. Sometimes all that is needed is reassurance and on other occasions we can use almost everything on one patient! As such, our primary response kit contains a variety of items, some of which are listed below;

  • Observational equipment (to monitor heart rate, oxygen saturation, blood pressure, temperature and blood sugar levels)
  • Oxygen cylinder and various masks for adults and children
  • Wound care pouch, to treat a variety of trauma
  • Airway management pouch with adjuncts for use in unconscious patients and a suction device
  • Resuscitation pouch
  • Burns management
  • Infection control pouch
  • Entonox, for pain relief
  • Automated External Defibrillator (AED)



  • Mobile phone, for verbal communication
  • GPS pager, for dispatch and tracking


Following a number of years of fundraising through local events, in 2016 a connection was made with the Woodley and Earley Lions Club at the Woodley Carnival. For the remainder of the year, a number of meetings and business proposals took place before a successful grant was agreed in January 2017 and the Woodley and Earley Lions Club kindly agreed to donate a significant amount to our group.

This was fantastic news for both our team and the greater Woodley community. Following a selection process, a vehicle was purchased and sent off to the ambulance workshop for equipment and livery to be added, prior to its delivery in May 2017. The vehicle was officially launched by the town Mayor on the 10th of June 2017 at the 57th annual Woodley Carnival – one year on from the initial conversation that started the funding process.

Our response vehicle will allow us to provide more ‘on call’ hours each month and carry more medical equipment than ever before. Due to the visible livery, it will help raise awareness of our profile and work locally and will also allow us to provide medical cover at future events, helping us to raise more money and give more back to the community.

We would like to express our extreme gratitude to all our supporters, predominantly the Woodley and Earley Lions Club, the Woodley Womens Club and Marshall Skoda, who have provided fantastic support to us and finalised our fundraising efforts and also all our team for their endless fundraising efforts.